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A powerful and proven online course for Christian couples seeking to deepen their connection to God and to each other. The course was developed by Dr.Glenn Pickering, a Christian counselor, teacher and writer who has helped thousands of struggling couples to create the truly loving, Godly marriages they had always wanted.

40+ years of Christian counseling experience.
1. Say “Yes” to the Abundant Life God Wants For You.
2. Deepen Your Connection to God and Each Other.
3. Experience the Ultimate Joy of Living in a Truly Godly Marriage.

Is your marriage going through a challenging time?


When our marriage isn’t right, it’s truly disheartening, in part because it affects every part of our life, including our parenting, our faith life, our ministry, and even our physical health. The most common signs that we are heading in the wrong direction include:

Long, uncomfortable silences.

The feeling of walking on eggshells.

Conversations that turn into arguments.

Having less and less in common.

The lack of any “spark."

Growing in opposite directions.

God designed marriages to be filled with unconditional love, mutual respect, a deep sense of understanding, and an intimacy that blesses us both. Yet, many Christian couples fall into harmful patterns that interfere with that sacred plan. In this course, you’ll learn to recognize and overcome those patterns, so that you can heal the old hurts, , connect with your spouse in a whole new way, and experience the amazing, abundant love you were always meant to have.


“Dr. Glenn helped us put our faith at the center of our marriage. It’s been over 10 years, and we still use the principles he taught us. Our marriage has never been stronger.”


“I learned more in 50 minutes with Dr. Glenn than in all my previous years of therapy combined. He helped us to understand our marital problems in a way that was so clear it was as if our eyes were suddenly opened. And the solutions he suggested were so Biblical, so practical, and so simple that we were able to start implementing them that same day."

How Godly Actually Work


Thank goodness for that, or I might have never experienced meaningful relationships! More on that later…

But most of us don’t recognize those patterns, so we stumble around in our marriage, unintentionally hurting our spouse and causing problems.

As a result, our marriage suffers.

You Can Start Healing Your Marriage Today!

Don't wait until it's too late. The two of you CAN turn things around and can start building a loving and fulfilling Christian marriage in just 3 steps…

1. Register for the Course

Learn the 5 Faith-Centered Relationship Principles that summarize my 40+ years of Christian counseling and teaching.

2. Restore Your Connection 

Using these principles, you’ll feel more connected to your partner and more understood by them.

3. Teach Others What You Learned

Others will see your renewed love, intimacy, and fulfillment and will want to know how they can have that, too.


Hi, I'm Dr. Glenn Pickering

For me, the world is all about patterns. But, at first, the only patterns that I saw were mathematical or scientific.

I’m autistic and was born with a logical brain and no social or relational skills whatsoever. I was nonverbal for most of my childhood. Needless to say, my experience with relationships was mostly painful.

Naturally, I pursued engineering until a psychology class revealed something astounding…
Human behavior and relationships have patterns, too!

That discovery gave me hope that I could understand people and create meaningful relationships.

This newfound hope, coupled with my inquisitive brain and my child-like faith, started me on a life-long quest. For 40 years, I have been studying human relationships, especially Christian marriages. Along the way, I picked up my degree in engineering, my Master of Divinity, my ordination certificate, and a PHD in Psychology. But mostly, I learned by applying all that I had learned to my own life and marriage, talking with thousands of Christian clients and students, and striving always to be open to all of the lessons that God had to teach me. In that process, I’ve developed a unique and practical approach, grounded in fundamental principles and my deep faith, that has helped thousands of couples to create, loving, lasting marriages.

And, after forty years of study, I can tell you this for sure: Jesus was right when he said that here was nothing in life as important as your relationships with God and with the people in your life. When we get those two things right, life is fulfilling and joyful.

And when we don’t .. .
If you’re struggling with an unfulfilling or painful relationship, please know this: it doesn’t have to be this way. God wants something far better for you and for them. The two of you can have the life and love you’ve always wanted, even if it seems impossible at the moment.

Get course and start building the faith-based relationship that you want and that God and all of the rest of us want for you!

It can all start, right here!


Dr. Glenn Pickering

The Christian Relationship Doctor



Revitalize Your Christian Marriage

For less than a single counseling session.


  • 15 lessons taught by Dr. Glenn Pickering

  • Biblical wisdom integrated into each lesson

  • Worksheets and notes for each lesson

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Strengthen Your Marriage Through Glenn’s Sacred Guidance

If there’s anything all my counseling, teaching, and studying has taught me, it’s this –
Nothing is more important than our relationships and none are more powerful than those that are centered around our faith in God.

Your happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in this life are bound to the quality of your relationships. I know it might not feel possible, but I’ve seen countless lives changed by the Christian principles you’re about to learn in this course.

Sign up for "A Christ-Centered Marriage" today, mend what’s broken in your relationship, and feel the love, connection, and fulfillment that God has ordained for you.