Transform Your Christian Marriage with the Relationship Rescue Kit

A Christian marriage is supposed to be a place where we experience abundant love and joy. But, sometimes, things happen that leave us feeling disconnected, uncared for, and hopeless. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the end of your story. Rev. Dr. Glenn Pickering's powerful, three-part Relationship Rescue video series can help you to reignite the love and understanding that you have been missing.

1. Three Powerful Principles and Transformational Strategies
2. Nearly 50 Minutes of Free Training that Will Change Your Life
3. Solid, Proven Relationship Guidance, Based on Psychology and Faith

What You Get in the Relationship Rescue Kit!

Video 1

Why Try: The Incredible Importance of Getting Our Relationships Right (21:06)

Video 2

TAG; The Game That Has Been Destroying Your Marriage (15:27)

Video 3

The 50-50 Rule: A Return to Love and Truth in Your Marriage (12:25)


Meet Rev. Dr. Glenn Pickering

The Faith-Based Relationship Expert


Dr. Glenn was born with the sort of brain that helps him to see underlying patterns where the rest of us see only chaos. that . Like many autistic people, he was naturally good at math and science but struggled greatly with social and relational skills. He pursued a career in engineering, until a psychology class unveiled to him a profound truth: human behavior and relationships are rooted in patterns too.

Inspired by this revelation, Dr. Glenn dedicated the next 40 years of his life to studying human behavior and relationships, earning his Masters in Divinity from seminary and a Ph.D. in Psychology, along the way. Through his unique, faith-based approach, he has helped thousands of troubled Christian couples build healthy, lasting relationships. For you, that journey can start right now.

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